The New RoundFlash™ Family

Which one’s for me?

The short answer is both because they give two different lighting effects!
The RoundFlash™ Ring is a collapsible ‘Ring Flash’ which can be mounted to your camera or used off camera with your speedlight for the awesome ring light look.
The RoundFlash™ Dish is a collapsible ‘Beauty Dish’ for use with an off camera speedlight and gives that wonderful studio beauty dish light.


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RoundFlashShadowless Lighting

RoundFlash™ gives you that studio look everywhere you go with & with our experts below you’ll soon be mixing it with daylight like a pro

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RoundFlashGreat Reviews

“Turn your small flash into a donut of light that can give you a beautiful, shadowless look for key or fill”  David Hobby – Gear List

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Lollipod TripodEasy Setup

You’ll be setup in seconds with this collapsible Ring Light / Softbox. It can be used on camera or off camera and works with most speedlights

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Lollipod TripodUltra-Portable

Its almost unnoticeable weight of just 299g (11oz) & the lack of a power supply make the RoundFlash™ a must have for any camera bag.

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Things To do with Your RoundFlash

RoundFlash in the Media

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