RoundFlash™ Dish - The Collapsible Beauty Dish

RoundFlash Dish - the Collapsible Beauty Dish

The RoundFlash™ Dish  changes a regular speedlight into a soft beauty dish, similar to a regular studio beauty dish combined with a sock diffuser. RoundFlash™ Dish is a perfect tool for headshots, portrait and still photography. Its compact construction with the mirror system inside allows you to lighten objects with directional, round, smooth flash light. The light from a powerful hot-shoe flash gun reflects in the mirror system inside and becomes a very even dish of light.

It takes a few seconds to set-up and attach the RoundFlash™ Dish on the flash. It is attached directly to the flash with a built in adjustable velcro. Without any additional stuff needed. No extra straps, brackets, screws etc. Just the RoundFlash™ Dish and your speedlight. Its ultra-lightweight construction (weighting less then 6xAA batteries!!!) and soft mount eliminate any risk of damaging or scratching the flash unit. A flash built-in wide panel helps to distribute the light evenly. You can still gel your flash.

Diameter 45cm \ 17,7″ Depth 22cm / 8,7″ (with strap)
Weight 155g \ 5,5oz Weight w. pouch 181g \ 6,5oz
Pouch dimension 20cm x 16cm \ 7″ x 6″
Flash circ. 21,5cm ~ 26cm
Power output ~ F/22,7 ( Nikon SB910 , 1m distance, ISO 400 )

Setup in Seconds

In seconds you’ll have RoundFlash™ mounted to your speedlight in seconds:
It really is that quick and easy. Here we’re using a Lollipod as an ultra light weigh light stand:


If you want the ultimate ultra portable studio in your bag, why not marry RoundFlash with Lollipod? Lollipod Tripods & roundflash
It has several patented features including a rapid “pull to set” adjustable shaft.

Lollipod is a tiny ultra light weight Light Stand – Lollipod weights 320 grams, holds 420 grams, has a closed length of 320 mm  and extends to 1130 mm You can also use Lollipod as tripod for phones, GoPro, RotoLights and a range of other devices.

We sell both in our store as frankly, they were made for each other!

“This is one of the most useful accessories I’ve ever tested, and it’s small enough to take everywhere” – Cult of Mac Checkout The Lollipod site here

If you need a taller or stronger stand checkout our Faith Strobist Speedlight Stand; Lollipod’s big brother:

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